Culture, language, time & memory, all wrapped up in a “mama’s home-cooked meal”
When the (Maternal) Body Is the Medium and the Message
On (feminist) oral histories, stories of our mothers and recording loved ones
Reading “Happily” by Sabrina Orah Mark
On what choice means in war, the language and art of reproductive rights and Barbara Kruger's iconic poster, again
On dental drama, a tooth for every baby, milestones, dental fricatives & love to all the "muvvers"
An intro to my six-degrees-of-separation mind, Bad Sisters, empathy & a mini Flemish & Irish lesson
On the difference between the how & what of communication, accentism, why accent reduction is never the answer & my favourite feminist linguists
On love, lust & life in multiple languages & cultures, pre- and post-children
On the language of music, (multilingual) lullabies (as therapy for mothers), and unintentionally, Feist
On “Generational Curses”, Bilinguals Are Not Always Bicultural and Letting Go of Holiday Traditions
On the in-between of language and often, motherhood.