Hi! I know there are many amazing newsletters out there so thank you for reading this one. Motherlingual is about language, mothering, multilingualism and raising multilingual children and most often, the intersection of all of the above.

About Me

I am an award-winning writer, editor, linguist and the author of a forthcoming book on language, motherhood and multilingualism from Footnote Press, Mother Tongue Tied: On Language, Motherhood & Multilingualism — Disrupting Myths & Finding Meaning. My writing has appeared in Financial Times, Vogue, ELLE, The Globe and Mail, Literary Hub and several magazine and book anthologies.

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I am currently a PhD researcher in applied linguistics exploring the emotions of multilingual mothers, and a contributing editor to Mother Tongue Magazine. In addition to writing and researching, I consult on multilingualism, family language policy and recently worked on a branding project for a beauty company, acquiring the title of “notable linguist,” courtesy of Vogue.

You can see more of my work and research here.

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By Malwina Gudowska - On Language, Mothering & Multilingualism from the author of the forthcoming MOTHER TONGUE TIED (Footnote Press 2024). Pre-order today!